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May Update Part 1

Hey all!

It has been a couple very crazy weeks with the team racing from Virginia to Yosemite to Utah. Each racer has race reports to post so over the next couple days we will be posting lots of pictures and what each racer had to say about their adventure.

First up is Tyler Caldwell who on May 7th tackled Yosemite Half Marathon. Tyler said “it was an awesome event held at Bass Lake. The first mile was a trail at the top of a mountain, then transitioned to a 9-mile, 2000-foot descent on road before finishing with a 3-mile loop around the lake. The quads are currently feeling the effects from that much descent (and recovery being limited by camping in a tent / sleeping in a sleeping bag at Yosemite), but I'm pumped after posting a 1:44:24 to finish in the 93rd percentile overall for the race.”

The very next weekend Tyler also competed in and completed his first Spartan Trifecta weekend at Big Bear. This meant that Saturday started with a Spartan Beast 21K, with a Spartan Super 10K on Sunday morning followed by a Spartan Sprint 5K on Sunday afternoon. With an elevation gain of nearly 5,000 feet, Big Bear is ranked as the 2nd hardest course from Spartan, and it absolutely felt like it. Tyler said “I was battered and bruised and bleeding, but came out of it with my heart still beating. This was one of the most rewarding race weekends I’ve competed in yet, purely from what you have to go through physically and mentally to complete the course, and even more so when I ran three clean races (meaning no failed obstacles, meaning no burpees).”

Some race stats:

  • Spartan Beast 21K | 31 obstacles | 4,500 foot total ascent | 10th place

  • Spartan Super 10K | 27 obstacles | 2,700 foot total ascent | 26th place

  • Spartan Sprint 5K | 21 obstacles | 1,500 foot total ascent | 15th place

Congratulations Tyler for all your amazing hard work! We are so happy to have you representing the foundation and really representing what mental endurance is all about.

If you would like to donate* to support Tyler or any one of our amazing causes/races please take a look at our Events page.

*All funds go towards research and promoting awareness for neurological disorders.

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