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Bobcat 25k Palmer Park 2022

Brian Darnell at Bobcat 25k Palmer Park 2022


The Bobcat 25k (15.5 mi, I ran 15.3 mi) was held at Palmer Park. The start time was at sunrise (0700) and the 25k runners took off at the same time as the 50k runners. The 50k runners would run two loops. There was one aid station that you would end up passing twice (5mi and 11 mi). Elevation gain was supposed to be 1919 feet with a loss of 1916 feet, the elevation gain I ran registered at 1558 feet. Although this trail run did not have a trail rating, I think based on previous trail runs this very easily could have been rated at 3-4 technical rating.

Leading up to the Bobcat 25k

It was a regular workout week, (swim over 2 hr; bike over 2.5 hr; run 1 hr; strength training 40 min). The day prior to the Bobcat 25k I only swam for 45 min and didn’t do my strength training so I didn’t do a rest day/s prior to the run.


I got up about 0330 because my body woke up. I finally got up about 0400 ate some oatmeal and two cups of coffee. I left the house about 0515 getting to Palmer Park around 0545 then picked up my bib at 0600.


I knew the run was a single loop and had elevation what I wasn’t expecting was the technical trails we’d be running on. Most of the trail was single track with some areas opening up to a double track. Several of the areas on the trail had long boulder climbing areas (both incline and decline) as well as rock stairs which constantly put a pounding on my knees. The technicality of the trail definitely slowed my pace down. By the end of the run when there were parts to speed up the pace, my run was more of shuffle, my knees were done. At the 5 mile aid station I didn’t stop. By the time I hit the 11 mi aid station (same station) I used the porta-john and also refilled both of my 500ml hydro flasks. The last four miles of the run took me close to an hour to complete and by the time I finished I was pretty much out of water.

Gear Used

Visor: BOCO; L/S Jackroo Tee; USWE Pace 2 Trail Running Vest; KT tape both knees; ProCompression calf sleeves; HOKA One One Stinson ATR; Overall nutrition was 2000ml of fluids (1000ml of Tailwind, 500ml Gatorade (aid station), and 500ml water)

Overall thoughts

Palmer Park is absolutely gorgeous and the views looking down into Colorado Springs with all the fall colors were amazing. There also wasn’t a cloud in the sky so Pikes Peak looked majestic as always. The trail itself is challenging and not for the faint at heart. Mad Moose Events did a great job of marking the trail and made the run very enjoyable from that perspective.

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