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Rolling to Remember

Rolling to Remember - Neuro Endurance Sports Foundation
Last Man Standing Endurance Grappling

The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community of Northern Virginia are welcomed to come together on Saturday August 6, 2022 to raise awareness and funds to support the needs of brain tumor patients and their families. Hosted by Neuro Endurance Sports Foundation at Yamasaki Academy, Woodbridge VA.


Saturday August 6, 2022

1:00 p.m.

Yamasaki Academy, Woodbridge VA

$25 entry fee

First place wins a rash guard

White to Purple belts, 18+ adults only


Endurance matches rules set:


  • Gi only tournament.

  • White belt to purple belts only.

  • Open mat | Endurance style. 

  • No weight or age divisions.

  • Continuous 10 minute rounds.

  • 45 second break between rounds.

  • No submission eliminations.

  • Participants can be eliminated by stalling, milking the break, officially quitting, or medical reasons.

  • Last man standing wins.

  • The event is scheduled for 4hrs but could run longer. Staff is excited to stay longer if competitors are in beast mode and unwilling to lose!

  • In the event of a tie at the 4hr mark, grapplers will break and prepare for a final 10min round to decide the winner. The final match can be won either by points or submission, with only IBJJF submissions allowed at the lower belt level of the two competitors (if not the same belt).


Pro tips:

  • Hydrate the day before and morning of the event.

  • ​Reminder, this is a friendly local event so consider inviting a coach or friend to assist with quick hydration during the event.
  • Bring extra fluids and electrolytes and have them staged mat-side for quick access.

Event Closed.

Your support


*All proceeds will be donated to brain tumor research and outreach programs.

Additional information

  • Location address: Yamasaki Academy Woodbridge, 13546 Minnieville Rd, Woodbridge, VA

For more information, please visit

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