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Neuro Endurance Sports Foundation: Empowering Minds Through Community and Sports

Neuro Endurance Sports Foundation, a Non-Profit Foundation, is dedicated to advancing brain science awareness, fostering enthusiasm, and providing support through community activity and sports. Our organization has a specialized focus on addressing challenges related to Alzheimer’s, brain cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease.

We engage with the community knowing that too often this same community also has been touched personally or in their lived by someone struggling with brain disease.

Mission Statement

At Neuro Endurance Sports Foundation, we strive to empower minds and make a lasting impact on brain health. Through our commitment to community engagement and sports, we aim to raise awareness and support for crucial research for Alzheimer’s, brain cancer, Multiple Sclerosis , and Parkinson’s disease.

Our Unique Approach:

  • Community Activity: We believe in the power of communities to drive change. By actively participating in community events, we create a platform to engage individuals in discussions about brain health, share knowledge, and foster a sense of unity.

  • Sports Advocacy: Leveraging the universal appeal of sports, we integrate physical activity into our mission. Through sports events, we not only promote a healthy lifestyle but also channel the collective energy towards supporting research and initiatives for Alzheimer’s, brain cancer, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.


Why Neuro Endurance Sports Foundation?


  • Focused on Impact: Our foundation is dedicated to making a meaningful impact on brain-related disease. By concentrating our efforts on Alzheimer’s, brain cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease, we aim to contribute significantly to advancements in research and support.

  • Community-driven Initiatives: We understand the strength that lies within communities. By involving people in our cause, we create a network of support that goes beyond traditional boundaries.

  • Sports as a Catalyst: Sports have the power to inspire, unite, and create positive change. By incorporating sports into our advocacy, we tap into a dynamic avenue for raising awareness and funds for critical research.


Join us on our journey to empower minds, foster enthusiasm, and make a difference in the field of brain science. Together, let's build a future where neurological disorders are better understood and effectively addressed.

Endurance sports for enduring minds.

Focus Dates

April 11

Parkinson's Awareness

May 27

Brain Cancer Awareness

May 30

Multiple Sclerosis

September 21

Alzheimer's  Awareness

NESF founders portraits_nett_sm.jpg
Danett E. Crespo

Mother, wife, ultra runner, triathlete and all around lover of endurances sports. My passion is keeping the mind and body healthy through physical activity and helping others to achieve the same.

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NESF founders portraits_leo_sm.jpg
Leonardo Crespo

Marine Corps veteran with 30 years of martial arts experience. Currently competing at the purple belt level in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, one of the most endurance based martial arts in the world.

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Annual Financial Reports

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