Neuro Endurance Sports Foundation was started with the hope of honoring family members and friends afflicted with neurodegenerative disorders.


As a Private Foundation, Neuro Endurance Sports Foundation seeks to increase awareness, foster enthusiasm, and support for brain science through community activity and sports. Neuro Endurance Sports Foundation has a niche, catering to Alzheimer’s, brain cancer, and Parkinson’s disease. 

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Endurance sports for enduring minds.


Proceeds from fundraising and donations are distributed to organizations supporting our mission as selected by the Board of Directors.


It is important to note that awareness for Alzheimer’s, brain cancer, and Parkinson’s awareness come at different times of the year, reflected below. These dates are also different than when Brain Awareness Week is supported in mid-March of each year.


Parkinson’s Awareness
April 11
Brain Cancer Awareness
May 27
Alzheimer’s Awareness
September 21
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Danett E. Crespo

Mother, wife, ultra runner, triathlete and all around lover of endurances sports. My passion is keeping the mind and body healthy through physical activity and helping others to achieve the same.

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Brian C. Darnell
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Brian is a proud husband and father of two boys who resides in Colorado. He has competed in running events since 1999 and triathlons since 2016. To honor his father who passed away of brain cancer, and his father in law who battled Parkinson’s disease for over 4 years, Brian became part founder / co-director of Neuro Endurance Sports Foundation.

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Leonardo Crespo

Marine Corps veteran with 30 years of martial arts experience. Currently competing at the purple belt level in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, one of the most endurance based martial arts in the world.

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