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Running theSpartan 2022 Trifecta World Championships in Greece

Tyler Caldwell shaking hands with a legit Spartan.

Greece was absolutely amazing!

Just got back late last night and now playing a lot of catch up, so sharing this “brief” update (brief at least relative to how I could go on and on and on about this experience)…

In 2016, I ran my first Spartan Sprint 5K, but at that time didn’t realize this was a “thing”.

Tyler Caldwell running the Spartan Trifecta World Championship in Greece, 2022.

In 2019, I completed my first Spartan Trifecta (running at least 1 Sprint 5K, 1 Super 10K, and 1 Beast 21K in a calendar year), qualifying for the 2020 Trifecta World Championships.

Spartan was forced to pause the Trifecta World Championships for several years due to the pandemic.

This past weekend, those years in the making finally arrived and culminated with me competing in the 2022 Trifecta World Championships. This pinnacle event was limited to 2,000 racers from 78 countries converging upon Sparta, Greece. Day 1 was the Spartan Sprint 5K (actually 4.7 miles), Day 2 was the Spartan Super 10K (actually 8.1 miles), Day 3 was the Spartan Beast 21K (actually 16.3 miles). The final rankings were determined by combining the athletes’ times across all 3 races. After 3 days of racing, I finished 16th overall out of the 545 athletes in my category (the other 1,400+ athletes were in 2 other categories).

I said I’d keep this relatively brief, so a couple of final highlights:

  • My dad got to give me my medal after one of my races

  • My mom got to hold up the finish line banner for the 1st Place Male & Female Elite athletes

Tyler Caldwell being medaled by a Spartan after the race.

Tyler Caldwell's Spartan medals from Greece.

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