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January 30th Neuro Weekly Update

Hello everyone!!! Another exciting week for the foundation! We kicked off our climbing challenges on Zwift and welcomed a new member of the team, Mark Molavi! Also, we have started a club on Zwift where anyone and join in on our weekly rides without direct invitation. This is a big feature for the foundation because it helps us reach so many more people across the world. Click on the links below to join the club and the rides.

This week’s rides:

  1. Tuesday, 1 February - Zwift meetup L’Etape du Tour Ph 2 Zone 3

  2. Thursday, 3 February - Zwift meetup L’Etape du Tour Ph 2 Endurance with 30 Sec

  3. Saturday, 5 February - Zwift meetup at your own pace Mega Pretzel route

  4. Sunday, 6 February - Zwift meetup Le Col Kristin Armstrong Under Over

Additionally, we have created a new team member page so that everyone can get to know us a little more. Each month we will be adding new members and highlighting who they are and what they love to do. Look below for our team member of the month.

Team Member of the Month – Tyler Caldwell (Spartan Competitor) Tyler lives in San Antonio with his training partner with the wagging tail, Whisky. He first began competing in obstacle course races in 2016 and has taken training and competition to a new level since 2019. Beyond these pursuits of physical endurance, Tyler values mental health, in all respects, in all people, leading him to align with family and friends in support of Neuro Endurance Sports Foundation.

Spotlight Event of the Month - Spartan Racing. This is a series of obstacle races varying distance and difficulty ranging from 3 miles to marathon distances. They are held in the United States and have been franchised to 30 countries including Canada, South Korea, Australia, and Greece where this year’s 2022 Spartan Trifecta World Championship is being held. This year Tyler will be representing the Neuro Endurance Sports Foundation by racing to raise awareness in over 20 spartan events both nationally and internationally! Help us sport this month’s spotlight event by donating at Spartan Racing.

That’s all we have for the week, don’t forget to cheer on Tyler as he competes 5 February in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Have a great week everyone!

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